Steps to Becoming ACA Accredited

  1. Fill out application for camps seeking accreditation. The deadline for this application if you expect a summer visit is March 1. Learn more about the fee. Determine your camp's eligibility.
  2. Attend an ACA Standards Course offered locally and receive copy of ACA's Accreditation Process Guide.
  3. Review and evaluate areas of camp operation.
  4. Prepare required materials and written documentation. 
  5. Complete the Camp Self-Assessment for review prior to the start of the summer season and before the on-site visit.
  6. Schedule and complete the on-site visit. A team of ACA-trained visitors will spend a day observing the camp and working with you to determine compliance with the standards. The visit must occur when the camp is in full operation.
  7. Annually sign a statement of compliance. This document is the camp administrator's pledge to operate ethically, legally, and in compliance with ACA standards.